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Water Quality

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Environmental Protection Agency Part 141--National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

TEXT PDF141.1 Applicability.
TEXT PDF141.2 Definitions.
TEXT PDF141.3 Coverage.
TEXT PDF141.4 Variances and exemptions.
TEXT PDF141.5 Siting requirements.
TEXT PDF141.6 Effective dates.
TEXT PDF141.11 Maximum contaminant levels for inorganic chemicals.
TEXT PDF141.12 Maximum contaminant levels for organic chemicals.
TEXT PDF141.13 Maximum contaminant levels for turbidity.
TEXT PDF141.15 Maximum contaminant levels for radium-226, radium-228, and gross alpha particle radioactivity in community water systems.
TEXT PDF141.16 Maximum contaminant levels for beta particle and photon radioactivity from man-made radionuclides in community water systems.
TEXT PDF141.21 Coliform sampling.
TEXT PDF141.22 Turbidity sampling and analytical requirements.
TEXT PDF141.23 Inorganic chemical sampling and analytical requirements.
TEXT PDF141.24 Organic chemicals other than total trihalomethanes, sampling and analytical requirements.
TEXT PDF141.25 Analytical methods for radioactivity.
TEXT PDF141.26 Monitoring frequency for radioactivity in community water systems.
TEXT PDF141.27 Alternate analytical techniques.
TEXT PDF141.28 Certified laboratories.
TEXT PDF141.29 Monitoring of consecutive public water systems.
TEXT PDF141.30 Total trihalomethanes sampling, analytical and other requirements.
TEXT PDF141.31 Reporting requirements.
TEXT PDF141.32 Public notification.
TEXT PDF141.33 Record maintenance.
TEXT PDF141.35 Reporting and public notification for certain unregulated contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.40 Special monitoring for inorganic and organic contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.41 Special monitoring for sodium.
TEXT PDF141.42 Special monitoring for corrosivity characteristics.
TEXT PDF141.43 Prohibition on use of lead pipes, solder, and flux.
TEXT PDF141.50 Maximum contaminant level goals for organic contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.51 Maximum contaminant level goals for inorganic contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.52 Maximum contaminant level goals for microbiological contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.60 Effective dates.
TEXT PDF141.61 Maximum contaminant levels for organic contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.62 Maximum contaminant levels for inorganic contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.63 Maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for microbiological contaminants.
TEXT PDF141.70 General requirements.
TEXT PDF141.71 Criteria for avoiding filtration.
TEXT PDF141.72 Disinfection.
TEXT PDF141.73 Filtration.
TEXT PDF141.74 Analytical and monitoring requirements.
TEXT PDF141.75 Reporting and recordkeeping requirements.
TEXT PDF141.80 General requirements.
TEXT PDF141.81 Applicability of corrosion control treatment steps to small, medium-size and large water systems.
TEXT PDF141.82 Description of corrosion control treatment requirements.
TEXT PDF141.83 Source water treatment requirements.
TEXT PDF141.84 Lead service line replacement requirements.
TEXT PDF141.85 Public education and supplemental monitoring requirements.
TEXT PDF141.86 Monitoring requirements for lead and copper in tap water.
TEXT PDF141.87 Monitoring requirements for water quality parameters.
TEXT PDF141.88 Monitoring requirements for lead and copper in source water.
TEXT PDF141.89 Analytical methods.
TEXT PDF141.90 Reporting requirements.
TEXT PDF141.91 Recordkeeping requirements.
TEXT PDF141.100 Criteria and procedures for public water systems using point-of-entry devices.
TEXT PDF141.101 Use of bottled water.
TEXT PDF141.110 General requirements.
TEXT PDF141.111 Treatment techniques for acrylamide and epichlorohydrin.
TEXT PDF141.140 Definitions specific to subpart M.
TEXT PDF141.141 General requirements, applicability, and schedule for information collection.
TEXT PDF141.142 Disinfection byproduct and related monitoring.
TEXT PDF141.143 Microbial monitoring.
TEXT PDF141.144 Disinfection byproduct precursor removal studies.

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